Dharmee eco-friendly pencils

Traditional wood-based pencils result in heavy deforestation and use energy-intensive manufacturing processes. Research suggests, a 20-foot Pine tree needs to be cut down to make 2500 pencils; and there are over 14 billion pencils produced worldwide every year. Huge number of trees are cut down every year to make pencils.

Trees are our best resources to fight against global warming and climate change. With every tree that is cut, global warming and climate change becomes a more shocking reality resulting in massive droughts and floods, soaring temperatures, icecaps melting, rising seawater levels and entire forest ecosystems being destroyed. Next time you plan to use a wood pencil – avoid it!

As we all know, wood takes 13+ years to decompose. That leads to a serious toll on the planet and its resources. Dharmee eco-friendly pencils take paper out of landfills and recycling plants and puts it back into your hands – as high-quality extra-dark 2B pencils! If you’re looking to go green at home or the office, then start with the pencils you’re using.

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Dharmee Paper Pencils

Elegant paper pencils for beautiful hand-writing and firm grip. These pencils are made from waste paper and use no wood

Dharmee Newspaper Pencils

Classy newspaper pencils for beautiful hand-writing and firm grip. These pencils are made from used newspapers and use no wood

Dharmee Velvet Pencils

Trendy colourful pencils made from up-cycled paper with velvet wrapped around it. Each pencil is then sprinkled with soothing scent to give it a blissful and pleasing aroma

Made from recycled newspaper

Dharmee pencils are eco-friendly and made out of recycled newspapers or waste papers. No trees are cut to make these pencils

Premium quality pencils

This eco-friendly alternative to conventional pencils is a great choice for everyday use or for making beautiful drawings or to take important notes

Save Trees, Save Environment

Every year, more than 10 million trees are cut for making pencils. Use Dharmee eco-friendly pencils and save trees

Superior to wooden pencils

All our pencils are superior to wooden pencils. Each Dharmee eco-friendly pencil lasts 3 times as compared to any wooden pencil


Lead of wooden pencils breaks easily when dropped. Dharmee eco-friendly pencils are tightly wrapped making the graphite lead break-free even when dropped

Go green

Using eco-friendly pencils is an excellent way to make your home and office go green and to encourage everyone to protect environment for the future generations