is driven to making our world greener and making it safe for our children, for many generations to come.  We are constantly searching for new ways to find ancient solutions for modern world focused with attention on the ecologically safe and sustainable products.

Dharmee eco-friendly pencils

Not all pencils use wood! is excited to present Dharmee eco-friendly pencils. Dharmee is a trusted brand of environmentally-sensitive premium-quality paper pencils that are made completely of used newspapers and recycled paper. With no wood, toxic chemicals, polymers, or plastics, Dharmee recycled paper pencils, give you great extra dark writing quality – with a greater benefit to the planet and the environment. We save trees, save paper and save lives…and that’s a cool thing! read more

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areca leaf products

Many ancient communities in Asia have been using green products for centuries.  They use leaves of specific trees and vines, sewn together with bits of stem and fashioned into disposable, versatile plates and bowls.  This natural crockery easily decomposes with out creating pollution or solid waste problems!  Such use of leaves inspired to produce disposable, environment-friendly tableware and dining accessories designed for contemporary use. read more